Castaway Camping Kitchen logo with a Union Jack next to it and the words 'made in great britain'


Made from superior quality BB/BB grade Scandinavian Birch plywood and FSC certified. This is a high strength plywood with a smooth surface and a precision finish and is ideal for the Castaway Camping Kitchen.


Underneath the box are 2 pine runners to lift the box from the floor when the stainless steel legs are not in use.


Hand finished with multiple coats of Osmo Oil. Osmo Oil protects you kitchen from the elements including UV rays. (Osmo oil does not crack like varnish). Even though this Castaway Camping Kitchen has been protected with Osmo Oil we advise that you still protect it from the elements. A protective cover will be available in the near future.



3mm Stainless Steel Chain, short Link –
316 marine grade


Snap hooks

Stainless steel carabiner snap hook –
316 marine grade


Legs and leg fittings

Stainless steel box section – 304 grade


Stove area

Stainless steel sheet metal – 304 grade

Fixings – Stainless steel



Stainess steel, sprung loaded – 430 BA grade


Latches and catch plates

Stainess steel – 304 grade


Piano hinges

Stainless steel – 304 grade


Locking lid stay

Stainless steel – 304 grade


Diamond shaped ring pad eyes

Stainless steel – 304 marine grade


Stainless steel – A2-70 grade



Stainless steel – A2-70 grade


Quick release pins (for legs)

Stainless steel – 316 marine grade

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